Stationery Files For Downloading - click on picture for enlarged view.

 midi - Long Winding Roadangels_dirt.jpg

 midi - Hymn To the Seaangels_thumb.jpg

 midi - Let It Be

You must have Microsoft Outlook Express to use this stationery, sorry others.

The files are divided up into categories and are in zipped file. All of them include music. Hopefully, you will enjoy them and they will be added to regularly so please stop back again.

Unzip your saved file into /program files/common/microsoft shared/stationery, using a program such as Winzip, which you can download here.

To load the saved stationery i.e. angels - DO NOT USE Format/Apply Stationery in the Outlook Express compose window to load your stationery - if you do this, you will only load the background image and not everything else such as music or scrolling - instead, to create a new message with this new stationery, in the main Outlook Express window, press the small arrow button next to the New Message button, then click on more stationery and find your stationery (angels.html) that way. If your Outlook Express is set up so that the arrow button next to the New Message Button is unavailable, instead you can use the Compose Message Using on that menu, then More Stationery again. Only by loading your stationery this way can you ensure that all the elements of the stationery are loaded properly. (instruction from Sven's Outlook Express Loading Stationery)



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